We invest in video games, game commerce, and game tech with a focus on longevity projects.


Hand of Midas LLC is the Los Angeles, California-based family office of Xsolla founder and CEO Aleksandr Agapitov.

Our private investment fund capitalizes on more than 15 years of video game industry-leading business experience for a strategy that prioritizes entrepreneurial excellence.

Hand of Midas is a part of Xsolla funding club, Xsolla's global video game matchmaking service that connects investors, publishers, and other financial backers with developers producing the most optimal games per their business goals.

We invest in video games, game commerce, and game tech with a focus on longevity projects: game industry, technology, longevity projects, middleware, hardware.


Our purpose is to make long-term investments that consistently generate absolute risk-adjusted returns.

Our inspiration is the increasingly vast potential of the video game, technology, health, and longevity industries. We are passionate about contributing to the depth of their deeper practical and economic value to humankind.

Our ethos is a disciplined work ethic and a curious mindset, trusting that our ability to imagine unprecedented futures will equip us to compete for long-term successes.

Our integrity is defined by our collective pursuit of excellent performance as defined by the constant practice of honesty.

We resolve to invest in a better tomorrow for a limitless world.

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